1996 – The program was officially launched with the following:

CCC – Alberta Government supplied the facility which included A Correctional officer and the volunteer offenders. CCC receive, sort, sanitize, repair, read for prescription on Lensometer’s produce from an attached printer a prescription.then place into shipping boxes of 350 according to type.

LIONS – The Lions provided funding and oversee the Program, also the collecting and distribution of glasses.

1997 – The first glasses were shipped and continue to be shipped.

2002 – Saw the program reach a milestone in the shipping of its 1 millionth pair. The program received the Premier’s Silver award of Excellence for program initiatives.

2006 – September saw the second milestone and celebration of the distribution of it’s 2 millionth pair to a recipient in Haiti.

2010 – October saw the third milestone and celebration of the distribution of it’s 3 millionth pair to a recipient in Mexico.

2012 – Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center started a new initiative with respect to processing used eye glasses, we now have work parties where Lions from District clubs sort, clean, read and package glasses ready to be send to various missions as required.

2015 – Saturday February 28th, 2015 will go down as a defining moment for CLERC, and for the Volunteers and the Lions Clubs in our District. On Saturday PID Dr. Patti Hill officially cut the ribbon for CLERC Operation Headquarters at Bay #2, 1216 34 Ave. N.E. Calgary, Alberta