Hello Gordon,

Just wondering if you would have reading glasses to spare that we can ship to Malawi again. We give away so many. Here is the number we gave away when we were in the last 10 villages this month. People are so happy with them. Here is just one story from a village head man:
THANKS AT CHILULU FROM THE VILLAGE HEAD MAN: “I have not been reading for many years now and I lost hope that I will not read again. But when I just put the reading glasses in my eyes, I could see letters very big and can read again. I was told by some doctors that reading glasses are very expensive to buy from the shops and hospitals. I can’t believe that you have given me this reading glass for free.” The over excited chief said this when I just finished distributing the reading glasses.
THANKS AT LEMBA FROM A CERTAIN OLD WOMAN: This woman was very happy when I gave her a +3 reading glasses. She said that she was able to read even the small letters now. She even danced when I gave her the reading glasses. “People were saying that I may never be able to read again but now I can”.

We can’t do it alone and need your partnership. We do so appreciate the Lions Club.
Anna Ebert


BY: Testimonials July



“In 2013 my eyes were tested by the Mzuzu central hospital and the glasses that they told me to buy were very expensive to buy. As you can see, I am grown up and I can’t do any work so I failed to buy the glasses. I thought it was over with me. I did not think that my eyes will not be able to read again. When GHM (Good Hope Ministries)came to this community, I was given the reading glasses and that has helped me very much. Very small letters are now big when I read with the reading glasses. I thank GHM for the reading glasses given to me for free.



“The glasses you gave me to study my bible any time I want now. As the community at large, many people have also been helped with the reading glasses that you distributed for free.  As a pastor, I need to be reading the bible at list every day but because I had some problems to read my bible because of this old age, I had to call one of my granddaughters to be reading for me. The problem is over since you gave me these reading glasses. I keep them at a very safe place where children do not reach. Thank you GHM for restoring my eyesight.


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COMMENT AT CHINYOLO FROM CHIEF USOWOYA: This chief came from a zone that we are about to do our programs next month or the other month. He said that he came to this community when he heard that GHM distribute free bibles. “I can’t believe that there is a ministry in Malawi that distribute free bibles, reading glasses and test people’s eyes for free. We have never received such a ministry in our community and I would like to ask you that please, come to our community. We need people like you who can teach us the words of God and open our eyes to know Jesus Christ in our lives. From here, I am going to talk to my fellow chiefs to make an effort to call you if you may think to bypass our community.”



When I gave the reading glasses to the head teacher who had the eye problem, he said, “I am very thankful for the glasses that I have received today. These reading glasses are very expensive to buy here in our country. I was tested some two years ago but failed to buy the reading glasses yet I was told my glass number. When I want to read, I used to drive the book close to my eyes so that I can read properly. But with these glasses that you have given me, I can read at can read very well.”



There was a man who had problem with his eyes and I told him that he was supposed to be tested with the eye machine so that we could give him the prescription glassed during follow up. This man was very happy when his eyes were tested and had hope that he was going to be helped with the glasses during that time of follow up. “I was not able to see because I had eye problem. When I went to Mzuzu central hospital, I was told that I was supposed to buy the bifocal glasses, but when the price was so high that I could not afford to buy those glasses. I was worried because I did not know where I could find the money to buy the glass.”


“I am very grateful that today I am able to read. I stopped reading when I was told by the doctor that I should stop reading or I should find the glass to help me read. Because I had no money, I could not buy the glass, it is like a dream today that I am able to read again. I will take good care of the glasses that you have given me.”



It is the story of Vincent Moyo who is now 67 years old. This man was having a problem of sight. I found it good to have his eyes tested with the eye machine and the work was well done. He said that he lost hope that he will one day be able to walk and see properly again. “It is like I am dreaming to have my eyes tested by Good Hope Ministries. He was very glad when I told him that we were going to give him the glasses during follow up.”



This man told me that he had the eye problem, he told me that he went to the hospital but he did not received the treatment as he expected. He also said that he was not able to walk in the sun when there is too much sun. He was feeling like there was sand in his eyes, he was told by the doctor to buy the sun glasses at MK3000 and he was still in the process of finding the money to buy the glasses. When I gave him the glasses in the following morning this man came to me and thanked me for the glasses that I gave him the previous day. He said that the glasses that he received have helped him to see properly even in the sunny time.


At this school there was a woman who went for an eye test in Mzuzu and was told that she should pay MK45 000 and she lost hope that she will not be able to read again. And when I gave her the glasses she said, “Thank GHM you for the glasses that you have given to me today for free because these glasses are very expensive to buy from the shops. I have benefited a lot.”


BY: Testimonials June 2017

Gomezgani Banda had a problem when reading without glasses. When I gave him the glasses, he was very happy and thanked GHM for the glasses that we gave him. He told me that he went into the shops to buy the glasses but he failed to buy because it was MK15000. He said that when he heard that GHM is going to distribute glasses, he thought it was just a joke because in his life, no one has ever given him a gift of MK15000. He was happy that he was now able to read.

BY: Story On Glasses

My wife and I, both medical doctors, spent 10 days in Malawi, Africa from end of August to beginning of September, 2015. According to United Nations, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. We brought more than 300 pairs of reading glasses.

(1) At least 300 people received Lion’s Club glasses

My wife and I spent three full days distributing glasses in the local community hospital in northern rural Malawi . I have attached a photo of the list of the recipients. People walked a few hours to the hospital to get glasses. The people who heard the news but came late were very disappointed after we ran out of glasses. We gave away every pair from the Lion’s Club.

Most people wore the glasses for the first time in their lives. They were so happy with big smiles after they put their glasses on and were able to read the small letters. Many expressed they could read the bibles in the future.

My wife and I have been to six different less developed countries and distributed glasses. The happy faces on Malawian people are simply amazing and unforgettable.

(2) At least 20 local teachers received reading glasses

Local high school teachers are poorly paid, and their salary is about U.S. $120 per month. With the frequent electricity outage, the teachers had trouble reading to mark the test papers and homework in poor lighting condition. They were so happy to receive the glasses.

(3) 5 people were blind in one eye.

About 5 people were blind in one eye. I have attached a photo of an elderly man who was blind in his right eye because of corneal damage. They were able to read with the only good eyes after receiving the Lion’s Club glasses.

Please distribute this email to the donors, volunteers and executives at the Lion’s Club. Your co-ordinated efforts make a huge difference on people’s lives in this world.


BY: Dr Francis Sem – Assistant Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine University of Toronto