Shipping Instructions

Please send both plastic and metal frames. Include broken glasses and lenses but put all loose lenses together in a plastic bag. If shipping used hearing aids place all of them in a separate plastic bag also.

DO NOT send the eye glass cases. We cannot sanitize them.

Pack eye glasses in a sturdy corrugated box. Seal box with tape. Be sure mailing label is legible and Include your return address.

Rather than store glasses for a long time, send as soon as possible to the Lion Eyeglass Recycling Center. Time, extreme temperature and weather conditions can cause damage and the frames to become brittle, to the point where we must send them directly to recycling.

Used eyeglasses are of no commercial value; therefore, choose the least expensive means of shipping to the recycling center. Label the box, “No commercial value

COD shipments are NOT accepted.

Utilizing “Day & Ross Transportation Terminals”

For shipping several boxes at a time or pallet loads take them to their dock at one of these terminals. Please co-ordinate your loads with other Lions Clubs.

Terminal Locations

British Columbia

– Vancouver – 11470-131 St., Surrey, B.C. V3R 4S7

– Victoria – 141-2924 Jacklin Rd., Victoria, B.C. V9B 3Y5

– Nanaimo – 6A-4376 Boban Rd., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2T5

– Kelowna – 760 McCurdy Rd., Kelowna, B.C. V1X 2P7


– Regina – 1117 Pettigrew Ave., Regina, SK. S4N 5W1

– Saskatoon – 3610 Mitchelmore Ave., Saskatoon, SK. S7P 0B9


– Winnipeg – 225 Haggart Ave., Winnipeg, MB. R2R 2V8


– Brampton – 170 Van Kirk Dr., Brampton, ON. L7A 1K9

 – Kingston – 212 Dalton Ave., Kingston, ON. K7K 6C3

 – Ottawa – 2740 Sheffield Rd., Ottawa, ON> K1B 3V9

 – Windsor – 3795 Webster Dr., Maidstone, ON. N0R 1K0

 – Woodstock – 645 Athlone Pl., ON. N4S 7V8


– Montreal – 1111 Francis Lenoir, Lachine, QC> H8T 3P9

– Quebec City – 1125 Rue Valet, Ancienne Loreete, QC. G7K 1A1

– Chicoutimi – 1281 Manic Rd., Chicoutimi, QC. G7K 1A1

– Drummondville – 1855 Power St., Drummondville, QC J2C 5X4

For Shipping Instructions, Use The Following:

“Ship to: Day & Ross – Calgary – Collect 

Attn: Laurie Fitzherbert   Hold For Pickup-LIONS

Upon  Arrival Phone – 403-640-1056 or 403-852-6547.”



If anyone is interested in acquiring a number of these collection bags to use to collect glasses in from your collection points please send an email to

PLEASE NOTE: Organizations and Individuals ordering are responsible for shipping costs.

Glasses sent on Missions

Here’s how many glasses we have sent on missions!


As of: Nov 22, 2017


As of: June 30th 2017

Glasses sent to countries

Here’s some details on how many glasses have been sent to countries around the world!